Outline of the company

Since it embarked on the tractor business in 1977, LS Mtron has grown continually to become No. 1 in Korea in terms of tractor sales by 2012.
And now that the Brazilian factory is in operation (est'd 2013) following the opening of a major sales office in the US (2012) and a factory in China (2012),
LS Mtron is growing quickly as a global agricultural machinery company supplying tractors in over 40 countries.


  • Compact tractor
    These handy and maneuverable machines can be operated in narrow spaces like orchards, vinyl greenhouses and gardens with their rotary tiller and plows installed.
  • Tractors above utility class
    These machines can easily handle heavy duty tasks like plowing, sowing, cultivating, weeding, harvesting and transportation in fields or rice paddies.


LS Mtron tractors emphasize differentiated design and convenience as well as power and workability. The stylish design and ergonomic design of the driver's
seat allows the operator to experience a most comfortable work environment.

Representative products

  • PLUS series product image

    PLUS series (70~100hp)

    Comfortable interior and good fuel efficiency!
    Convenient user-oriented features and economy

  • U series product image

    U series (55~75hp)

    High durability! The chassis design makes
    it possible to utilize various machines

  • R series product image

    R series (40~55hp)

    A powerful compact tractor!
    Excellent workability in a narrow space

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Outline of the company

Established in 1969, LS Mtron, leading the injection molding industry, is a comprehensive manufacturer producing a variety of products, ranging from 30 ton to 4,500 ton
hydraulic injection molding machine and 30 ton to 550 ton electric injection molding machine to 50 ton to 700 ton toggle-type injection molding machine. Possessing outstanding
technology and R&D capabilities, the company exports 60% of its products to over 50 countries through 32 proprietary sales and service offices located in 25 countries around
the world.


  • Injection molding of various parts for smartphones, TVs, air-conditioners, washing machines and exterior parts for automobiles.


LS Mtron's high-speed injection molding machine uses a high-output and high-compression AC servo motor that saves energy (60% as compared to the hydraulic type)
and features low-noise clean forming.

Representative products

  • Image of a typical electric product

    electric (30 tons~550 tons)

    Clean-forming, highly responsive, high-speed injection molding

  • Image of a typical hydraulic product

    hydraulic (80 tons~4,500 tons)

    Maximum productivity, high efficiency and low operating expenses

  • Image of a typical toggle-type product

    toggle-type (68 tons~730 tons)

    Excellent reproducibility and power-saving efficiency

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Outline of the company

Since embarking on the military caterpillar business in 1974, LS Mtron's special military supply unit has been accumulating technical know-how through R&D for localization,
and has capitalized on its reliable quality to be the exclusive supplier of caterpillar tracks for tanks, armored vehicles and self-propelled guns to the ROK Army for more than
30 years.
The company is constantly innovating technologies and improving quality, and developing new products for overseas markets. As a result, Mtron is taking a leap forward
toward becoming a global top defense manufacturer, and contributing to the advancement of the domestic defense industry.


  • Caterpillar tracks
    Providing key subcomponents for combat vehicles (tanks, armored vehicles, self-propelled guns, etc.) for moving, turning and braking heavy vehicles.


LS Mtron is capable of designing caterpillar tracks for various types of combat vehicles, has the equipment to handle every aspect of the manufacturing
process, and built a reliable quality control system. Importantly, the high-durability products reduce maintenance costs.

Representative products

  • K200 (M113) Track Shoes

    K200(M113) Track Shoes

  • K1A1 Track Shoes : Image of a typical track shoe for the K1A1 tank

    K1A1 Track Shoes

  • Image of K9 Track Shoes

    K9 Track Shoes

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Outline of the company

LS Mtron embarked on the connector business in 1985 through a technical alliance, and currently is concentrating on connectors for cell phones and FPDs.
The company produces various connectors including board-to-board, micro USB and FPC.Also, LS Mtron is developing the interiors and exteriors of cell phones and mobile
wireless devices, or chip antennas, and delivering the best-performing mobile products, which are becoming ever smaller and multifunctional.


  • cell phone connector division
    smartphones, feature phones
  • FPD (Flat Panel Display) division
    OLEDs and LCD TVs, monitors, notebooks, tablet PCs, etc.
  • Other
    DSCs (Digital Still Camera) , smart TVs, navigation, etc.


LS Mtron is strengthening the competitiveness of its connector portfolio with narrow, fine-pitch and ultra-low-emission products based on its own product design technology,
mold/injection molding systems/press technology, and automated assembly technology.
The antennas LS Mtron makes are applied to the interior/exterior of cell phones and mobile wireless devices, and optimized to various types of terminals.
And to prepare for the future, LS Mtron has secured key infrastructure technologies such high-speed transmission and quick charging.

Representative products

  • Image of a typical B2B connector for cell phones

    B2B connector for cell phones

    Sales are growing fast thanks to the diversified product lineup and excellent quality.

  • Image of a typical m-USB connector for cell phones

    M-USB connector for cell phones

    Securing customized product development capabilities and high-speed transmission technology

  • Image of a typical connector for FPD

    Connector for FPDs

    Leading the smart electronic parts technologies for high-speed transmission

  • Image of a typical antenna for cell phones

    Antenna for cell phones

    Diversifying customers by developing new products, such as LTE MIMO

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Outline of the company

As a global leader in copper foil manufacturing technology, LS Mtron provides the best service to meet the diverse needs of its customers with state-of-the-art facilities,
top-notch technology and a thorough quality management system.
Copper Foils are mostly used for printed circuit boards and flexible printed circuit boards, which can be seen often in everyday life, and used as the core material for the cathode
current collector of lithium ion batteries.
LS Mtron has applied for patents for its high-value-added special copper foils, and leads the high-value-added special foil market.


  • Used as the cathode current collector of the secondary batteries for notebooks, PCs, Mobile Phones and electric vehicles
  • Copper foil CCLs (copper clad laminate) are used in the printed circuit boards (multi-layer PCB, double-sided PCB, etc.) of electronic products like IT devices.
  • Used as a flexible PCB for smartphones and digital cameras


LS Mtron's Copper Foil is a core material for digital devices with high flex elasticity and low surface roughness. It has uniform quality, excellent physical properties and can be
supplied reliably. This foil is being supplied to domestic and overseas leading secondary battery makers. Because LS Mtron offers high-strength copper foils and is the only
company currently offering a 6㎛ copper foil, the company truly provides values differentiated from its competitors.

Representative products

  • Image of a typical LSU-ST


    Copper foils for circuits used in general electronic devices

  • Image of a typical LSB-ST


    Copper foil for the cathode material of lithium ion secondary batteries

  • Image of a typical LSB-SP


    Low-roughness copper foil for semiconductor packages

  • Image of a typical LSB-FX


    Highly-flexible copper foil for Flexible PCBs

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Outline of the company

LS Mtron produces various high and low pressure hose assemblies for automobiles made using state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that assure quality and safety.
Having entered into technical alliance with Hitachi Cable (Japan) in 1996, the company has since developed a variety of commonly used rubber hoses which it sells to an
increasingly diversified list of global customers including GM, Nissan and Chrysler.


  • Hoses used in the braking and steering systems.


LS Mtron's automotive parts satisfy or exceed SAE standards for heat resistance and safety.
Their quality is assured. Also, the company can manufacture custom designed hoses to meet any needs of its customers.

Representative products

  • Images of Hydraulic Brake Hoses

    Hydraulic Brake Hose

    The core device for delivering braking power.
    These hoses connect the brake pedal to the hydraulic master cylinder and the master cylinder to the brake calipers.

  • Images of Power Steering Hoses

    Power Steering Hose

    This product maximizes driving convenience by multiplying the steering power of the driver.

  • Images of CAC Hoses

    CAC Hose

    These hoses connect the automobile engine exhaust, turbocharger, intercooler and throttle valve.
    They help increase fuel efficiency while reducing exhaust emissions.

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Outline of the company

LS Mtron UC is on the leading edge of a new paradigm in global energy storage.
LSUC® and LSHC® products are highly efficient. They are the best choices for customers ranging from small electric products to large railroad systems, and will be established
as smart solutions in renewable energy, automobiles and electric power.


  • Peak power assistance
    At normal times, power is supplied from the existing regular power grid, but if more power (i.e peak power) is needed, it can be supplied from the ultracapacitor.
  • Storing renewable energy
    In general, if a lot of energy is used that needs to be recharged repeatedly in a short time, an ultracapacitor with a lifespan of more than 500,000 cycles and high power
    characteristics will be used.
  • Battery substitution
    It is used as the main power source in a UPS or various products for backing up energy for a short period of time.


LS Mtron's Ultracapacitor is an eco-friendly product. It has a higher output (rated voltage: 2.8V) than batteries,
high efficiency, excellent temperature resistance (-40 °C ~ 65 °C), has strong and low internal resistance, and the cells are balanced

Representative products

  • Image of an LSUC


    This UC cell has the world's best voltage and reliability. It can be utilized in a variety of applications.

  • Image of an LSUM


    This modular UC offers the high-voltage capacity needed in wind power generators and automobiles in one package.

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Outline of the company

LS Mtron's FCCL is leading the display revolution through cutting-edge technology.
The Sputter Type 2-layer FCCL is an electronic material essential for lightweight and fine-pitch products as electronic parts evolve.


  • LCD용 COF(Chip On Film)
    Raw material of COF connecting a large LCD panel and substrate
  • COF for cell phones
    Raw material of COF connecting a large LCD panel and substrate
  • Optical Pickup
    Pick up for optical devices like CD-ROMs
  • Other
    • FPCB for HDD
    • FPCB for medical devices (ultrasonic detectors, etc.)


LS-FLEX responds to fine-pitch needs with the best sputtering method and core technology utilizing plating technology for copper foil production.
It is a very reliable high-grade product with excellent etching and bending properties that can be applied to state-of-the-art semi-additives.

Representative products

  • Image of typical FCCL products for display (COF)

    FCCL for displays (COF)

    Material for connecting high-resolution signals and images of TVs, notebooks and monitors

  • Image of typical FCCL products for FPC

    FCCL for FPC

    Material that can accommodate the tightly packed and slim circuitry of smartphones and medical devices

  • Image of a typical Mo Film for flexible solar cells (CIGS)

    Mo film for flexible solar cells (CIGS)

    Material for eco-friendly thin-film substrates for generating electricity using solar energy

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Outline of the company

CASCO was established in 2005 as a joint venture between Doosan Engine and the casting operations of LS Cable & System and Samyang Heavy Equipment.
CASCO primarily manufactures precision castings for diesel engines, injection molding machines, power plant equipment, wind power generators and stave coolers.
With high productivity achieved with through specialized production lines and an optimal production system, CASCO is positioning itself as an unrivaled leader in Korea’s
heavy manufacturing industry based on its more than 30 years of casting experience. CASCO is equipped to produce an annual production capacity of 30,000 tons which
includes the ability to manufacture super-sized 80-ton gray iron and 70-ton ductile iron castings. A company that grows with you, CASCO will continuously promote its
expansion and development in order to become a world leading enterprise.


  • Diesel Engine Parts
    - Castings for two-stroke marine diesel engines : Castings for the massive cylinder blocks and heads of two-stroke marine diesel engines that drive the propellers of
    ocean-going container or bulk vessels
    - Castings for four-stroke marine diesel engines : Castings for the massive cylinder blocks and heads of four-stroke marine diesel engines of LNG vessels and also for
    auxiliary diesel engine electric generators for various vessels
  • Injection molding machine components
    Ductile cast iron parts used in injection molding machines, fixed plates and injection brackets
  • Power plant components
    Cast iron parts for coal pulverizers of thermoelectric power plants, and ductile castings for the housings of gas turbines of combined cycle power plants
  • Wind power generator components
    Ductile cast iron parts for the towers, nacelles and blade shaft bearing housings for wind power generators


With our excellent technological expertise and use of Z-Cast simulation software we are able to ensure the integrity of our castings through optimized design of our molds
and casting processes, thus realizing high product quality. Equipped with a range of flasks for exclusive applications we have established an optimized production system
and thus supply on-time delivery of higher-quality products than our competitors.

Representative products

  • 캐스코 Diesel Engine Parts 대표제품 이미지

    Diesel Engine Parts

  • 캐스코 Injection molding machine parts 대표제품 이미지

    Injection molding machine parts

  • 캐스코 Stave Cooler 대표제품 이미지

    Stave Cooler

  • 캐스코 Power plant parts 대표제품 이미지

    Power plant parts

  • 캐스코 Wind power plant parts 대표제품 이미지

    Wind power plant parts

캐스코 카탈로그 다운로드 캐스코_카달로그 다운로드

Outline of the company

Established in 1973 as a company specializing in switch and relay component manufacturing, Daesung has evolved over time into being a core partner for world-class prestigious
automakers based on its technological expertise accumulated over 30 years.According to the company’s mission to think about people and nature while also providing safety,
convenience and other greater benefits to humankind, Daesung is being recognized by its customers for its human-centered technologies and eco-friendly products.


  • BCM (Body Control Module): Modules used for vehicle control
  • HMI (Human Machine Interface): Switches and lamps developed centering on human-friendly technologies
  • MC (Mechatronics Components): Basic electrical components developed on the basis of advanced manufacturing technologies


All Daesung products are developed according to product and software development standards of the advanced automotive industries in Europe and the U.S. Significantly, Daesung
was the first in Korea to obtain ASPICE certification and consecutively obtained CMMI Level 3 and ISO26262 certifications. Accordingly, Daesung is providing products of global
standards of quality and reliability.

Representative products

  • 대성전기 DC/DC Converter 대표제품 이미지

    DC/DC Converter

    This is an electric power unit for converting a source of direct current (DC) from one voltage level to another. Such a unit helps contribute stable power supply without interruption when a device or vehicle is stopped and started again.

  • 대성전기 Switch 대표제품 이미지


    Switches used in vehicles for multimedia and air conditioning systems with special attention paid to tactility, feel and even visual legibility.

  • 대성전기 Relay 대표제품 이미지


    Devices to control current to prevent circuit overload.

  • 대성전기 Junction Box 대표제품 이미지

    Junction Box

    Devices to distribute power signals for vehicular electrical and electronic systems and circuit protection.  


대성전기 카탈로그 다운로드 대성전기2 카탈로그 다운로드 대성전기3 카탈로그 다운로드 대성전기4 카탈로그 다운로드 대성전기5 카탈로그 다운로드 대성전기6 카탈로그 다운로드